Curriculum Honors

Eligibility and Application

  1. Pioneer Scholars by invitation Incoming Pioneer Scholarship recipients (at least a 3.25 GPA with an 1150 SAT or 25 ACT) are given a formal offer to apply to the Curriculum Honors Program.
  2. Current Marietta College Freshmen, by application: Marietta College freshmen who will enter the sophomore year with under 37 credit hours and a 3.50 or better overall GPA are eligible to apply in the spring semester prior to their sophomore year. Application is made to the Honors Program Director.
  3. Incoming Transfer Students, by invitation or application: Transfer students entering MC who fall under condition (3) above.


Program Requirements

  1. The course work for Curriculum Honors consists of the following 15 hours taken over a three-year period, all counting toward completion of the college's general education requirements:
    • First semester: Honors College Experience Seminar (HONR 101) and either Honors Literature (HONR 201) or Honors Communication (HONR 202) (6 credits).
    • Second semester: HONR 201 or HONR 202 (3 credits).
    • Students take 2 upper-division/300-level seminars any time prior to graduation, though preferably before the end of their junior year.
  2. To complete Curriculum Honors, students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.30 (3.00 for second semester freshmen only), and complete all four semesters of required course work.