Research Honors

Regardless of whether a student is in Curriculum Honors, the second part of the Honors Program allows seniors with GPAs of 3.30 in the discipline and 3.00 overall to do advanced work under the close guidance of a member of the faculty, typically in the student's major.

Such students present a thesis to a thesis committee including the thesis director, a member of the Honors Committee, and a third (optional) faculty member of the student's choosing. With this committee's final approval of the thesis, the student is awarded Research Honors.

In the past, we have had a variety of topics and approaches taken: a screen-play (sold to a New York agent, no less!); studies in web-based technology; traditional literary critical analyses papers; the production and direction of a theatrical performance; and biology and science studies that led to conference presentations and graduate school.


  1. Eligibility requires an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 and a cumulative GPA in the discipline of 3.30 both at the time of the proposal to the thesis committee.
  2. The student must have a thesis director in the field of study in which the thesis work is to be done. The thesis director must, of course, be willing to support the student's proposal.

Program Requirements

  1. The thesis proposal is typically submitted by the student during the junior year. The proposal must be approved by the student's thesis committee (see above).
  2. The thesis is typically submitted during the student's senior year, preferably by the end of the fall semester. Approved theses are bound and preserved in the College Library.

Recent Projects