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International Travel Grants

International travel grants are available to support internationalization on the Marietta College campus. The grants are not intended to fully fund a travel project but to support travel that may not receive full funding from other sources.

International travel grants are limited to:

  • a maximum of $2000 per year for an individual, or

Priority for funding will go to faculty members, but staff and administration may also apply. Priority will also be given to individuals who:

  • provide evidence of significant impact on the campus
  • have not traveled extensively before outside the United States
  • have not previously applied to the International Advisory Committee for travel funding

Funding possibilities for travel grants include but are not limited to:

  • Leading or accompanying study tours in a position of responsibility:
    • A faculty or staff member who accompanies a study tour and is fully involved in helping with the study tour may apply.
    • A faculty member who is preparing to lead a study tour that is likely to happen and needs to establish contacts in the destination may be eligible.
    • The organizer of a study tour should be paid for by fees charged to students, but a situation might arise in which a "topping up" is appropriate or in which fees cannot cover a full stipend.
  • Teaching or other activity that cements relations with sister institutions.
  • Travel connected with student-faculty collaboration on international research.


How to Apply

A detailed proposal as outlined below is required for funding to be awarded. For a detailed proposal:
  • The individual should send a cover letter setting out the rationale for funding and specify clearly the expected impact on internationalization on the campus.
  • The letter should be accompanied by the application form and supporting materials indicating expenses to be covered (e.g. airfare) and what other sources of funding have been sought.


Applications should be sent by email  to Christy Burke, Director, Education Abroad, by the deadlines specified below. The International Advisory Committee will then meet to consider the proposals.

There will be 1 round of proposals:

  • February 1, 2014: Detailed proposals for travel expenses incurred in the current fiscal year (July 1 2013 - June 30, 2014)
    • Expenses must be incurred during the fiscal year, although travel may take place after June 30th 2014 (i.e. purchase of plane tickets in advance).
    • If the proposal is funding, reimbursement will be made for travel occurring earlier in the current fiscal year assuming proper receipts are available.
    • Some projects may be eligible for funding from other sources (i.e. Faculty Development, Pedagogy, etc.).

After the travel has been completed, those who receive funding are required to submit a brief (one page) report to the International Advisory Committee.