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Break Housing Request Form

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Four Day Break, October 5 - 8, 2013

  • Residence Halls remain open
  • Dining Services remain open – reduced hours

Thanksgiving Break, November 27 – Dec 1, 2013

  • Residence Halls close 9am on Wednesday, November 27.
  • To remain in the Residence Halls over break, students must sign-up and be approved by the Dean of Students Office!!
  • Sign-up will begin 9am November 20 and will end at noon on November 26.  All students must sign-up to remain on campus. There is no fee for this break.
  • Residence Halls reopen 9am Sunday, December 1.
  • Dining Services close 6:30pm Tuesday, November 26 and reopen 4pm Sunday, December 1.

Winter Break, December 14, 2013 – January 12, 2014

  • Residence Halls close on Saturday, December 14 @ 9:00 am.
  • Students must leave the Residence Halls within 24 hours of their last final.
  • Sign-up begins 9am December 6 and ends at noon December 13, 2013. A student who fails to sign up within this time frame will be assessed a $50 late signup charge.
  • Students who remain on-campus and are not participating in a Marietta College activity will be charged $110/week (Athletic teams must sign-up to remain on-campus, but will not be charged).
  • Dining Services close December 13 @ 6:30 pm and will reopen January 14 @ 4 pm.
  • Residence Halls reopen 9 am Sunday, January 12 for Spring 2014 semester.

Spring Break, March 8-16, 2014

Residence Halls close @ 9 am on Saturday, March 8

  • Dining Services are closed
  • To remain in the Residence Halls over break, students must sign-up and be approved by the Office of Community Living
  • There is an $110/week charge for the students to stay in Residence Halls over spring break.
  • Sign-up will begin February 28 @ 9am and will end on March 7 @ noon.  If students do not sign-up within this timeframe, they will be assessed a late charge of $50.00 (Athletic teams must sign-up to remain on-campus, but will not be charged)


IMPORTANT: Students will be charged $110/week for any dates not included in the official semester housing contract. Exceptions will be made for students participating in official Marietta College activities providing all documentation is accounted for. You must notify the Dean of Students Office immediately if you do not need to stay on-campus once you have signed up. Failure to provide proper notification will result in you being billed for the dates you had signed up for.

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Request for Early Arrival or Extended Stay
Break Housing Guidelines When staying in the residence halls during official college breaks, please observe the following guidelines
  1. Guests are not permitted in the residence halls during this time period.
  2. Clean up after yourself in the restrooms and community kitchen.
  3. Remove all trash to trash receptacles outside of the residence hall. Don’t throw trash in kitchen trash containers.
  4. Remember to keep your room locked at all times.
  5. Report all maintenance concerns to the Dean of Students Office (x4531) during weekdays and to College Police (x3333) after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends. Emergencies or heat problems should be reported to College Police (x3333).
  6. If you need assistance contact College Police (x3333).
  7. If you fail to follow these guidelines you will be asked to leave immediately.
  1. I understand the above guidelines and agree to follow them during this break period: