Marietta College Greek Life

Greek Life has been a time honored tradition at MC for more than 150 years.Our six fraternities and sororities provide their members with opportunities for civic engagement, leadership development, and academic excellence. Currently our Greeks represent approximately 18 percent of the Marietta student population.

Our fraternities and sororities were founded on the basic principles of leadership, scholarship, service, and friendship. Greek organizations provide students with a multitude of opportunities to participate in community service and philanthropy projects. Whether it is collecting food for the Salvation Army, adopting a grandparent, or volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club, members of our fraternities and sororities can be found on campus and out in the Marietta community making a difference.

Each of our organizations also promotes good scholarship, and thus, each chapter has an officer whose sole responsibility is to ensure the academic growth and excellence of the individuals in the chapter. Members are rewarded for achieving high grade point averages and are worked with on an individual basis in cases were academic assistance is needed.

Each fraternity and sorority provides students with numerous leadership opportunities; serving as the President of the chapter, an officer on one of our three councils, or working on a committee for a particular project are only a few examples of Greek leadership. Through all of these experiences, fraternities and sororities are able to form their identities and build a solid brother/sisterhood.