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Standards of Excellence

In an effort to promote continued accountability of the fraternities and sororities at Marietta College to the Office of Student Life, the Standards of Excellence program was established to provide a scale of reference. Various institutions have established excellence programs for fraternities and sororities that continually enhance the undergraduate experience to those students who are affiliated with a fraternity or sorority.

The purpose of this document is to set forth expectations and standards that align the fraternities and sororities at Marietta College with the college mission statement. The relationship that exists between Marietta College and its inter/national fraternities and sororities has a main focus on creating a system of positive interaction for individual members, chapters, and the Greek community as a whole. This document should aid and help in the continued improvement of chapters efforts in such areas as membership development, community service and philanthropy, and risk management. The 2010 Standards of Excellence program will be implemented with revisions based on chapter input and evaluation.