Connor Walters '13
Dan Hartman '13
Vice President
Caleb Muller '13
Vincent Hendershot '13


Josh Askew '13
Senior Class
Lauren Currie '13
Senior Class
Jiaxin Quan '13
Senior Class
Sam Thomas '13
Senior Class
Luke Badaczewski '14
Junior Class
Jessica Johnson '14
Junior Class
Christian Sanders '14
Junior Class
Brett Notarius '14
Junior Class
Michael Fahy '15
Sophomore Class
Keenan Hamilton '15
Sophomore Class
Charlee Ottersberg '15
Sophomore Class
Brianna Scott '15
Sophomore Class
Daley Buckwell '16
Freshmen Class
Aaron Dauterman '16
Freshmen Class
Andrew Looker '16
Freshmen Class
Logan Maltese '16
Freshmen Class


Dr. Tomeka Robinson
Dr. Mark Miller
Dr. Robert Pastoor


Campus Concerns
The Campus Concerns committee is responsible for addressing all student concerns not directly addressed by the other committees. Topics the committee might pursue range from dining services to lighting on campus to parking. Concerns are brought forth from members of the committee, Senate as a whole, issues found in the Marcolian, or members of the student body. This committee was originally created to help Senate focus more on policy issues and appropriations and deal less with housing issues during full Senate meetings. The chair typically reports to Senate the findings/resolutions of the committee.

Chair: Connor Walters

Senior Week
The Senior Week committee's sole responsibility throughout the school year is to plan the week following final exams in the spring and before graduation. This week (about 9 days) is better known as Senior Week. It is a time for seniors to hang out with friends, make their final rounds throughout the Marietta community, and transition to the status of alumni. The culmination of Senior Week is commencement, the official point where a Marietta College student becomes a member of the Long Blue Line. Events vary from year to year but typically include a luncheon will faculty and alumni. The committee establishes the theme for the week based on student input and the chair makes regular reports to the entire Senate on the progress of the committee.

Chair: Daniel Hartman

Constitution & Bylaws
This committee continuously examines the Student Body Constitution and its bylaws to determine if the language and content of these documents is serving the student body efficiently and effectively. In recent years, the committee has made such major changes as decreasing the size of Senate by moving away from housing representatives to class representatives, changing the elections date from fall to spring, and creating these permanent Senate committees, so that Senate can better function as a whole. The chair typically reports back to Senate with the recommendations of the committee.

Chair: Caleb Muller

The Communications committee's domain includes any subject related to publicity of Senate actions or elections and the Senate's image on campus. The committee is responsible for notifying the Marcolian of Senate meeting times and dates as well as providing applicable reports to both the Marcolian and the student body about Senate activities. The committee shifts into high gear during elections to encourage student participation in the election process. The committee has also been responsible for the development and maintenance of the webpage, but the majority of that task has now been delegated to the Senate webmaster, who serves on the Communications committee.

Chair: Vincent Hendershot

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