Andrew Wind ’10 makes TV debut on Oct. 13 Charlie’s Angels

Andrew Wind ’10 still remembers vividly his first time on stage during his junior year of high school, the rush of adrenaline that flooded him as the curtain drew open.

Now nearly six years later, Wind finds himself in Boca Raton, Fla., with numerous roles and stages for his taking. One of the most exciting acting opportunities Wind has had recently? An appearance on ABC’s new television remake of Charlie’s Angels.

Wind plays the production assistant for a fashion runway show, a character who is very high strung and concerned with the fashion show’s success. Wind’s character makes an appearance at the top of the episode premiering on Oct. 13.

“This is definitely a huge lift for me, especially in the on-camera realm. I learned a lot from my one day on set with the cast and crew. It’s a major leg-up for me,” says Wind of his Charlie’s Angels experience.

Charlie’s Angels, a revamp of the original 1976 television series, brings together three very different, scandal-prone women to fight crime and turn their lives around. This new version stars Minka Kelly, known for her roles in The Roommate and the series Friday Night Lights, Rachael Taylor from Transformers, and Annie Ilonzeh from Entourage.


Of his famous costars, Wind praises, “They are extremely down to earth and couldn’t have been more giving during the shoot. It’s easy to see why they have had the success they have had.”


Wind deserves praise of his own, as he’s come quite a long way from his high school stage. Aside from Charlie’s Angels, he has recently completed several short indie films for festival submission and just wrapped up a five-week run of a professional stage show in Fort Lauderdale in which he had a lead role.


“I have been very lucky since graduating last May. I was able to jump right in to the market down here; theatres were doing shows that had roles for me, and the theatre community here has been welcoming,” Wind says.


Wind claims that acting has been his life’s dream ever since he took the stage for the first time, those six fateful years ago. Cast as the lead of Harvey, he says this role “scared the hell out of (him),” but changed his life completely: “Ever since then, (acting) has been the only possibility for me.”


Despite his start in theatre, and his love for it, Wind admits his attraction for film acting and its required sense of realism.


“You have to be so small and so natural, and the camera picks up every little detail. But yet I feel more is required in terms of character,” he says. “You have to draw it up from your gut and be completely invested. It’s all in the eyes.”


Wind attributes a great deal of his success to his time spent at Marietta College.


“A small school like Marietta allows you to get onstage your very first semester. … Theatre is something you must do and experience and every time I was fortunate enough to be cast in a role, I learned so much about myself and the craft,” Wind says. “I shudder to think where I would be without the experience Marietta allowed me to have and the professors that are so invested in their students’ progression and development.”


For those students approaching graduation, Wind leaves this advice: “Know how to market yourself. Know what skills you have outside of what you studied and be ready to promote those just as much. ... Don’t apologize. For anything. The best thing to walk into that room with is confidence.”