Casey Knowlton ’09

casey-knowltonThere is a reason Casey Knowlton ’09 decided to attend Marietta College and has returned to his alma mater to work as an Admission Counselor.

Like many students who grew up living near Marietta, Knowlton initially had no interest in attending the College until he checked out other schools and was able to see by comparison how great Marietta College was. Beyond the beauty and friendliness of the entire community, Knowlton appreciates everything the College had to offer.

“Even though I never really left home, I consider myself more worldly because of Marietta College,” he says. “It is a completely different atmosphere on campus compared to just growing up nearby. I was able to really get involved here which made all the difference.”

It wasn’t until a few years after graduating that Knowlton realized he really missed the enjoyment that came from working with potential students and their families as a tour guide for the College.

“What I loved about being a tour guide, and what I now love about being an admission counselor, is the ability to be a spokesperson for the College, a place I was proud to have attended and now take pride in graduating from,” Knowlton says. “It’s a great place. I’m lucky to be able to work in admissions at my alma mater, the place I’m obviously most comfortable with and informed about.”

Similar to when he was a tour guide, what Knowlton enjoys most about being a counselor is his ability to try and help potential students and their families work through the difficult decision of choosing a college. He sees himself as playing the role of a confidant, being available to explain and discuss any problems or questions that may arise during the difficult college admissions process.

“I think I find it most rewarding when I see incoming freshmen I have helped at Matriculation,” he says. “It’s good to know I have done the family and student well and all are happy with their decision to make Marietta a part of their lives.”

If there is one thing that Knowlton finds most indicative of Marietta College that he tries to convey to potential students, it is the fact it is not a place where someone is forgotten or falls through the cracks. “No matter if you are struggling in class or facing problems at home, someone will reach out and help you.”

Knowlton also appreciates this sense of genuine investment in one another never goes away. “The Long Blue Line is real, and alumni understand that.”

While his job may take him away for much of the academic year, Knowlton enjoys the opportunities he gets to be involved in campus and community events. On campus, he has gone through Safe Zone training.

“I was heavily involved as a student, so I want to do my part to help all students feel safe and comfortable so that they can have those same opportunities,” he says.

Overall, Knowlton looks forward to opportunities to be more engaged and to be more involved with current students.

Outside of work and campus life, Knowlton enjoys spending time with his wife, dog, and family and attending and participating in community events.