Christian Sanders ’14

Off the Mall

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Guilty Pleasure: Shoes. “Jordan sneakers are my new obsession and I’m attempting to build a vast collection.”

On His iPod: Fun, Lil Wayne, Farout Ent, Kanye West, Avant, Otis Redding, Adele, to name a few


Christian Sanders ‘14

A city boy by nature, hailing from his beloved Cleveland, Christian Sanders appreciates one major aspect of a small-town college: its opportunities.

Now a football player, Dean’s List student, orientation leader, member of the forensics team, peer mentor, and junior class representative on Student Senate, Sanders has taken full advantage of all Marietta has to offer, earning him much deserved recognition by faculty and peers.

“The opportunities granted to Marietta College students, my successes in the community and my friendships are what keep me coming back. I feel like I have been able to be myself and be recognized for going somewhat above and beyond in community involvement,” Sanders says.

Somewhat above and beyond? That is quite the understatement. It is the drive of students like Sanders that maintains Marietta’s longstanding tradition of success, a tradition he hopes will follow him in his post-collegiate endeavors.

While the Broadcast major is currently uncertain about where life after Marietta may take him, he is trying to choose a career field that suits his effortless affability. His journey to his junior year has been marked with several noteworthy milestones, most significantly including a major change. Literally.  Sanders entered Marietta College studying Athletic Training, but soon realized the program, while rigorous, did not suit him as well as Broadcast, as well as Advertising & Public Relations (his minor).

“I love my major because it gives me a lot of avenues in which I can pursue a career,” Sanders says. “The versatility of career options and owning my own firm were huge factors in switching my major, as well as the fact that I felt it was geared more to my personality than athletic training.”

Given his motivation and fearlessness to seize opportunities, Sanders should have nothing to worry about professionally. And for now, he is content enjoying his time at Marietta.

“My best experiences since being in college? Where do I start?”