College’s Shake America volunteers at Daily Bread Kitchen

bread-kitchenShake America may be a new student organization on Marietta College’s campus, but the upstart is already making an impact in the community.

With 10 Marietta College students in tow, Shake America recently sponsored a meal at the Daily Bread Kitchen in the Harmar area of Marietta. The kitchen operates from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday — serving food from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“The Daily Bread Kitchen has been growing in the number of people they serve over the years, showing proof that hunger is an issue in not only America but our surrounding area,” said Sarah Brunner ’13 (Horsham, Pa.) “Our College is lucky to participate in this great opportunity every year, and to volunteer at the kitchen.”

Brunner added the experience was invaluable because they get to bond with people over a common meal.

“It is the little things we take for granted, because to them the meal could mean more than just lunch to them,” she said. “It’s an incredible feeling when you leave and think about all the people there that were so appreciative of the few hours you spent preparing and serving the meal.”

Shake America received a big boost from the College’s new dining service provider, Parkhurst, which donated the food for the lunch.

“The students came to me for help with a noble cause. I could see how important it was for them and I was glad to help,” said John Shaffer, General Manager of Dining Services. “Parkhurst as a whole is committed to the communities and institutions in which we are a part of. We want to be part of the family. This project fit us perfectly.”