College announces second round of Capstone Award winners

It’s called a senior capstone, but Heather Haught ’11 (Marietta, Ohio) spent parts of entire college career completing the major project.

But all of Haught’s hard work paid off as she was one of 32 students to recently be honored with a Capstone Award during the 174th Commencement at Marietta College.

“My capstone was an accompaniment to my honors thesis. Both were investigations into the effects of prejudice and acculturation on mental and physical health in immigrants,” Haught said. “One was focused on our Chinese international population and the second on Latino immigrants in the greater Marietta area. I am honored that they chose to recognize my efforts, but it should be noted that receiving such a distinction is not a solitary achievement. I could not have succeeded in beginning let alone finishing without the help of Dr. (Alicia) Doerflinger and many others.”

Dr. Rita Smith Kipp, Provost, created the Capstone Award in 2010. It honors graduating seniors for the best capstone in each department. Every major requires the student to complete a capstone course or project but only one project for each major is eligible to win this award.

Kipp understands these projects absorb much of a student’s time but she feels they are necessary for the development and growth of each senior.

“Capstone projects allow a student to show what they can do when a topic grabs them,” she said. “Whether the capstone is based on pure research, is a case study in the business world, or a work of art, the seniors ‘own’ those projects and invest a lot of time in them.”

The winners not only have the honor of being selected by their professors as the best in their major but also have their cap and gown expenses paid in full by the Provost.

Curtis Frantz ’11 (Cleveland, Ohio), who won in Chemistry for “Preparation of a Potential Chlamydia Inhibitor: Synthesis of a Bis(oxazoline) Copper Catalyst,” understands the value of winning this award.

“It was a great honor to win this award, not only for the free cap and gown, but also because I beat out a handful of other students who I believe did an excellent job on their research and presentations as well,” he said.

Kipp added. “Showcasing students' abilities and what they have learned in their major, capstone projects can also build a resume or a portfolio to help students take the first steps beyond college.”

Below is the list of the Capstone Award Winners:

Advertising/Public Relations—Jackie Hartle ’11 (Loveland, Ohio). Nonprofit Public Relations at the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges

Art—Laura Eddy ’11 (Fleming, Ohio). “Portraits”: Six mixed-media portraits of older generation couples that showcase the passage of time.

Athletic Training—Cassady Busellato ’11 (Hilliard, Ohio). Communication Internship

Broadcasting—Terry Plant ’11 (Livingston, N.J.). Radio Broadcasting at New Jersey 101.5

Chemistry—Curtis Frantz ’11 (Cleveland, Ohio). Preparation of a Potential Chlamydia Inhibitor: Synthesis of a Bis(oxazoline) Copper Catalyst

Communication Studies—Freeman Randall ’11 (Cleveland, Ohio). Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Internship

Economics—Cody Meglio ’11 (Marietta, Ohio). The Determinants of Small Domestic Equity Mutual fund Performance During the Market Downturn:

Education Early—Leah Mendenhall ’11 (Sugar Grove, Ohio). Electronic Portfolio

Education Middle/AYA—Melissa Ross ’12 (Vienna, W.Va.). Electronic Portfolio

Education Intervention—Ashley Talik ’11 (Bridgeport, Ohio). Electronic Portfolio

English—Amy Horvat ’11 (North Royalton, Ohio). Avoiding Perdition: Recasting Perdida’s Purpose in The Winter’s Tale

Graphic Design—Aleece Dye ’11 (Beverly, Ohio). “Elliot Elaine”: Branding for a vintage, sewing inspired cosmetics line

History—Alissa Bambarger ’11 (Conneaut, Ohio). William P. Cutler and the Whigs:  A Parallel of Short-Term Authority in Politics

International Leadership— Blakely Dye ’11 (Toledo, Ohio) and Drew Schulte ’12 (Parma, Ohio). BP and the Deepwater Horizon Spill of 2010: What Really Happened?

Journalism—Alison Matas ’11 (Kent, Ohio). Arts Journalism at the Chautauquan Daily

Marketing—Kristina Reed ’11 (Grove City, Ohio). An analysis of the retail pizza market for Boaz, W.Va.

Music—Celia Brockway ’11 (Tracy, Minn.). The Organization and Direction of a Marietta College Women’s Honor Choir to participate in the Sino-American Women’s Choral Festival held in Beijing, China, July 2010.

Music Education—Casey Mercer ’11 (Wingett Run, Ohio). Student Teaching, Parkersburg High School Instrumental Program

Organizational Communication—Hope Summernault ’11 (Buffalo, NY). Marietta Memorial Clinic Internship

Petroleum Engineering—Scott Burnham ’11 (Conneautville, Pa.), Dave Balent ’11 (Conifer, Colo.), Matt Potter ’11 (Little Hocking, Ohio), and Anthony Williams ’11 (Columbus, Ohio). Enterprise Field Development and Production

Physics—Jacob Bills ’11 (St. Marys, W.Va.). Simulated Ten Pin Collisions

Political Science—Emily Davis ’11 (Louisville, Ky.). What are the Factors in a State that Lead to the Emergence of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements?

Psychology—Heather Haught ’11 (Marietta, Ohio). Effect of Acculturation and Prejudice on Mental and Physical Health Outcomes in Rural Chinese Sojourners

Theatre—Lauren Berry ’11 (Marietta, Ohio). Blonde Ambition: A Senior Musical Theatre Capstone

Biology—Yuan Le ’11 (Haidian District Beijing, China). How the Gypsy Moth Gains Antimicrobial Characteristics from Specific Chemicals in the Host Plants

Health Science—Mallory Hoff  ’11 (Newport, Ohio). Comparing the Accuracy of BMI, Skin Fold Measurements of Body Type, and Waist Circumference to Bioelectrical Impedance within Individuals