College changes look of Website, adds new features

Recently there have been several changes made throughout the Marietta College campus. One of the most recent changes that shouldn’t go overlooked is the College’s new Website.

The address,, is the same, but visitors now say goodbye to the outdated version of Marietta’s homepage, and hello to a fresh site that’s bursting with new information and gleaming with great visuals.

“Marietta’s Website hasn’t been updated since 2001. It’s about time for a change,” said Marietta College student Erin Getty. “So, I’m welcoming any new additions to the site.”

The new site has more photos of the campus and College’s facilities. The colors on the site have been changed from the traditional navy to more modern colors such as blue and orange. “Stein Communications was responsible for the color changes made to the new Website,” said Frank Diller, the College’s first Webmaster.

Other additions that have been made to the site include faculty photos and up-to-date news articles. The main links off the homepage include About Marietta, Admission, Academics, Athletics and Recreation, Student Life, Alumni and Diversity.

Visitors will find the revamped site more accessible and interactive than the earlier version. College officials say that overall the homepage has a more intriguing appeal, accompanied by eye-catching features that are both aesthetically and technologically pleasing.

The site is still being tweaked. Each department has been asked to contribute new information to the site. Stein Communications has been working with professors and other staff on campus in finalizing the navigation system. “There are going to be updates on a regular basis and constant additions daily,” Diller said.

“The Website has been outfitted with the hopes of attracting outside visitors and incoming students who are searching for a college to attend,” said Gary Craig, MC’s Dean of Enrollment.

The Website is a coordinated effort with the College Admission office and its brochures. The brochures, which were also developed by Stein Communications, direct prospective students to the Website to get more information about programs offered at Marietta. All of its informative brochures contain the same appeal and level of attractiveness that has been used throughout the new Website.

“If you’re looking for information about Marietta College you can find anything you would ever want to know about the college and its surrounding areas, by simply visiting the site. The site has been created so it’s easy to use, and people friendly. You can be taken on a virtual tour of the campus that gives a visual feeling of life at Marietta,” Getty said.