FYE Fitness Challenge opens students’ eyes to healthy living options

Although Marietta College’s Elizabeth Moore ’14 (Medina, Ohio) will be getting a free T-shirt for improving her wellness, the long term rewards are much more satisfying.

In conjunction with Provost Rita Smith-Kipp’s theme of Health and Wellness the FYE (Freshmen Year Experience) 102 classes have been given a wellness challenge, one that Moore has accepted.  

“I am glad I did the program because it helped open me up to new experiences and the activities didn’t cost me a thing,” Moore said. “Thanks to the program I tried new things like meditation, and I attended a lecture that was very moving. I have done meditation, lectures, a day without texting, walking, church services and attended school sports.”

The students in the four sections of FYE 102 were given a list of events or activities that encourage health or wellness. Each activity is assigned a number of points. At the conclusion of the wellness challenge on Friday, Oct. 8, the students will turn in a log with their total number of points added up. Activities such as a half hour of fitness walking, running, aerobics, weight lifting, swimming, or using the fitness equipment room in the DBRC all have a point value of one. Attending a church service or Bible study or going a day without texting warrants two points. Sports practices do not count toward points.

“This supports the wellness concept for the year,” said Bruce Peterson, Dean of Students. “We chose activities that fit with the College’s schedule and a lot of kids, especially those not in fall athletics, are enjoying it.”

Peterson has seven students in his FYE 102 class participating in the challenge.

Natasha Harrington ’14 (Chillicothe, Ohio) was already working out every other day and doing yoga twice a week so the Wellness Challenge was an easy thing to participate in during her first semester.

“The main activities I have been doing are yoga, running for 30 minutes, and walking for 30 minutes,” Harrington said. “I really wasn't trying to win anything in particular but just trying to stay in shape and help relieve some stress. Winning the Subway gift card would be nice too, though.”

Students who participate are eligible to win prizes from a FYE 102 Fitness Challenge shirt to Subway gift cards. Individuals who earn 100 points are given a Subway luncheon to celebrate their success.

“I guess what I was hoping to get from this experience was a new outlook toward life,” Moore said. “After doing all of these events, I have gotten a closer look at the life of cancer patients, learned the importance of relaxation and went to some activities I might not have gone to otherwise. Overall I would say the wellness program is a successful program and they should continue it next year for new freshmen.”