George “Butch” Grady ’13

grady_georgeOff the Mall

Hometown: Willowick, Ohio

Favorite Football Team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Best Place on Campus: Gilman Dining Hall

Biggest Pet Peeve: Dirty dishes


George “Butch” Grady ’13

To many of his peers, George “Butch” Grady is perhaps most recognizable for sporting the Navy Blue and White as a linebacker for the Pioneers football team.

What most of his peers don’t know, however, is that when Grady isn’t making tackles in Don Drumm, he can be found in the lab operating from another play book — the one that will help him find the cure to cancer.

The senior Biochemistry major received an internship this past summer with Marietta College’s Investigative Studies Program through which he has been researching the red wine antioxidant resveratrol and its effects on the skin and skin cancer.

“I use the resveratrol to treat normal human skin cells and cancerous skin cells along with UV irradiation to see if resveratrol is an anti-cancer and anti-mutagen compound,” Grady says. “I really enjoy this research and plan to continue it throughout the school year. It requires a great amount of time in the lab, and I am at the lab almost every day, including weekends. Even though it is time consuming and strenuous, it is ultimately so rewarding.”

For Grady, parallels can easily be drawn between his two passions of football and biochemistry. Long practices on the field and long nights in the lab teach time management. New opponents create new challenges daily. There is always someone to protect and an adversary to block.

While senior year means only one season left, the Dean’s List student looks forward to graduation for the opportunities it presents. Grady hopes to obtain his doctorate in biochemistry and has considered either continuing pharmaceutical and cancer research or entering the medical field as a doctor.

“I love to try to help people if I can, and I feel that either of these routes would help people whether it is indirectly or directly,” he says. “I really have a passion for trying to find cures for all of the diseases that are present in society today, and helping by finding a cure so that people don’t have to suffer is a great motivator.”