Katie Plas ’17

plasAs a junior at River High School in nearby Hannibal, Ohio, Katie Plas ’17 had her future mapped out and it didn’t include Marietta College.

However, she changed her mind after shadowing a chemical engineer at a nearby plant.

“He told me that chemical engineers were getting laid off all of the time,” Plas says.

So she started to rethink her future and Marietta College.

“I never really wanted to come to Marietta … it was just too close to home,” Plas says. “But after I started looking into Petroleum Engineering and the Leadership Program, my view on Marietta College started to change.”

Now the only child of Twila and Greg Plas has found a second home.

“I love the community on campus and everything that you can get involved with,” says the Petroleum Engineering major. “There are so many paths you can take, but they are still so intertwined at Marietta.”

Early on she realized how quickly she was acclimating to campus when it was about a month before she saw her parents. Still, she likes that her mother and father can be on campus or she can get home in less than an hour.

“I love that I’m close enough to home that if I get sick my family can take care of me,” Plas says. “My parents never pushed me to go to Marietta or anywhere. They wanted me to make the decision and they wanted me to be happy. I don’t think I could have made a better choice.”

Plas is an active member of the College’s campus. She’s a freshman representative on Student Senate, a McDonough Scholar, Vice President for Marietta Hall, volunteers at the Ely Chapman Education Foundation and teaches piano to students off campus.

In the fall of 2014, Plas will join a few dozen of her classmates as EXCEL leaders during the orientation for the freshman McDonough Scholars.

“A lot of students are involved in more than one thing and they can bring their experiences from all of this to the table,” Plas says. “A lot of groups work together to get things accomplished.”

Plas is also a photo enthusiast and can be seen with her camera on campus and around the city.

“I like being able to capture a moment the way I see it and not necessarily the way everyone else would see it,” she says.

Plas already has her first internship lined up with Southwestern Energy in Demascus, Ark., and she plans to attend an international petroleum engineering conference in Amsterdam in the fall of 2014.

“I’ve always traveled a lot, but I’m really excited to go somewhere I have never been to before,” Plas says.