MC’s Spring Honors Convocation recognizes the College’s best

Marietta College recognized more than 100 students for their academic achievements during the 2005 Spring Honors Convocation Sunday afternoon in the McDonough Center Auditorium.

After a welcome from President Dr. Jean A. Scott and an introduction from Provost Dr. Sue DeWine, the program continued with the presentation of more than 50 different prizes and awards, including the Bernard P. McDonough Leadership Prize, Hans-Georg Gilde Scholarship and William O. Whetsell Community Service Award.

There was also the recognition of honors and the presentation of group scholarship bowls. The event closed with a reception at the President’s House on Putnam Street.

Those receiving awards and honors Sunday were:

Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award
Faculty Member, Dr. William M. Bauer
Staff Members, Jameela L. Anderson, James S. Kendrioski
Student, Melissa M. Doll

Kingsbury Prize
Brian Hanolt, Samantha McKay

The Hyde Prize
Katherine Chadwell, Andrea Marion

The Delta Tau Delta Robert L. Jones Prize
Jessica Fleming

The Bernard P. McDonough Leadership Prize
Melissa Jones, Melissa Yusko

The William O. Whetsell Community Service Award
Jazmyn Barrow, Will Sullivan

The Outstanding First-Year McDonough Scholar
Megan Garofola

The Spirit of McDonough Award
Nicholas Aylward, Abri Brickner, Karen Ewing, Megan Garofola, Melissa Isennock, Joel McKinney, Ashley Reed, Tim Roberts, Toni Stephenson, Jeffrey Wojton, Ashley Wollam, Jenna Zdravecky

The Broughton Scholarship
Angela Estep, Adam Spencer, Matt Williamson

The Michael S. Dorfman Memorial Prize
Samantha McKay

The William Bruce Blackburn Memorial Prize
Laura Tompkins

The Sharon Rouse Memorial Prize
Carrie Lang

The Hans-George Gilde Scholarship
Courtney K. Robinson

The William H. Hohman Scholarship
Jessica L. Fleming

The E.L. Krause and Jennie Mae Krause Prize
Shawn M. Kreiner

The E.L. Krause and Jennie Mae Krause Memorial Scholarship
Christopher W. Nichols, Courtney K. Robinson

The Jack E. Prince Scholarship
Samantha McKay, Brandon Sims

The Jules Bourmorck Memorial Scholarship
Adam Spencer

The Dean’s Choice Ohio University Scholarship
Jason M. Collier

The Economics, Management and Accounting Department Scholarship
Debra Story

The Douglas C. Greene Scholarship
Rachel Ruth

The William M. Summers Memorial Scholarship
Amanda Brooker

The Wen-Yu Cheng Scholarship
Bradley Brannon

The Bert T. Glaze Scholarship
Rachel Ruth

The Edward Osborne Scholarship
Stephanie Esparza

The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award
Tyler Banachowski

The Adamson-Flesher Scholarship
Margaret Edgington

The Alpha Delta Kappa Outstanding Student Teacher
Melissa Nething

The Mark R. Amstutz Award
William Tuttle

The Raymond G. Guthrie Scholarship
Courtney Bruckner, Elizabeth Charvat

The Joseph Green McMurry Award
Emily Diehl

The Beatrice A. Kremer Memorial Scholarship
Bethany Dykstra

Alpha Xi Delta Prize
James Nice

The Ronald L. Loreman Prize in Theatre Arts
Heather Keith

The Ronald L. Loreman Scholarship in Theatre Arts
Jacqueline Massé

The David F. Young — Alumni Scholarship
Andrea L. Marion, Biology
Elizabeth A. McGuire, Environmental Science

The William O. Whetsell Scholarship
Ellen Doolittle

The Vernon E. “Dan” McGrew Scholarship
Amanda Baum, Kristy Foxwell, Loren Genson, William Robert Hickman, Donald Liedtke, Sean Trench

The Carleton Knight III Memorial Scholarship
Rebecca Wehner

Outstanding Student in Chinese
Kelly Kiger

Outsanding Student in Spanish
Jana M. Gil

Outstanding Student in Portuguese
Jana M. Gil

Outstanding Student in French
Phillip C. Lemaster

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Award for French
Jessica Craig

Study Abroad Grant
Lacey M. Ward

The Henry Benedict Schwartz Scholarship
Kimberly Hoff, Jennifer Mate, Amanda Stewart

Megan Collins Memorial Award in Spanish
Jana M. Gil

The Colégio Piracicabano Travel Scholarship
Kimberly Hoff

The Robert M. Naddour Award
Nicholas Kunze

The Harry H. Beren of Marietta, Ohio Award
Turner Reisberger

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Outstanding Student Award
Nicholas Kunze, Derrick Pottmeyer, Turner Reisberger, Nick Tunnell, Kristen Martin

Ohio Space Grant Consortium Research Award
Alex Hohmann, Zachary Lemon, Turner Reisberger

SPE Student Chapter Outstanding Freshman Award
Charles Reynolds

The Fritz Absolon Award
Emily Decker

The Theodore Bennett Mathematics Award
Kevin Kroll

The Leon Ruby Scholar
Matthew Williamson

The Paul Spear Physician Assistant Appalachia Scholarship
Melissa B. Law

The Frederic Jarvis Wood II Scholarship
Lauren K. Thompson

The Fenner-Fowler Memorial Prize
Rebecca J. Manthey

Carl A. Grimm Memorial Award
John Vanderwalker

Ethel Guthrie Scholarship
Meghan Q. Auker

Michael J. Conte Excellence in Leadership Award
Michael R. Joliat

The Michael J. Conte Educator as Leader Award
Heidi Brenenstuhl

Recognition of Honors
New Members of Phi Beta Kappa

Jessica Albrecht, Shawn Kreiner, Erin Meddles, Diane Radford, Ashley Robbins, Casey Trail, Melissa Yusko

College Scholars
Elizabeth Basich, Michael Brown, Mary Deats, Kevin Knoll, Courtney Robinson, Brandon Sims, Jessica Jeffers, Kate Paullin, Lindsay Shuba, Megan Rogers, Cullen Hencke, Emily Tenney

New Members of Omicron Delta Kappa
Jazmyn Barrow, Timothy Byers, Danielle Cisler, Rachelle England, Jordan Herrick, Kelly Kiger, Kathryn Moriarty, James Nice, Elizabeth Nowry, Megan Rogers, Brandon Sims, Amanda Stewart

Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of the Year
Melissa Yusko

New Members of Pi Kappa Delta, the forensics honorary
Amy Bitely, Emily Godard, Lindsey Green, Timothy Kemble, Megan Schreck

New Members of Alpha Sigma Lambda
Susan Allender, Carol Hoffman, Pamela Phillips, John Vanderwalker

Named in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
Timothy W. Byers, Danielle L. Cisler, Jason M. Collier, Michael J. Conte, Mary J. Deats, Sarah R. Drake, Bethany L. Dykstra, Margaret Edgington, Katherine Gessner, Jana M. Gil, Ashlyn Heider, Jordan K. Herrick, Jeffrey C. Houston, Kelly R. Huck, Shawn Kreiner, Megan Luse, Samantha McKay, Kathryn Moriarty, James N. Nice, Elizabeth Nowry, Beverly A. Pereira, Jessica D. Phillips, Megan J. Schreck, Raj Sharan, Lindsay R. Shuba, Kristin M. Thomas, Lowell R. Warden III, Melissa A. Yusko

Presentation of Group Scholarship Bowls
Most Academic Improvement, Fall 2004 — Sigma Kappa

Most Academic Improvement, Fall 2004 — Alpha Tau Omega

Best Academic Record, Fall 2004 — Chi Omega

Best Academic Record, Fall 2004 — Lambda Chi Alpha