Rainy skies don’t damper move-in day for freshman

Even through the rain and humidity, the mood was of excitement for Marietta College’s new freshman class—and their families—who moved into the residence halls Thursday, Aug. 20.

Coming to a place where you don’t know anyone and moving in with someone you have most likely never met can take a toll on the nerves, but for two incoming freshman, this bittersweet event is just what they’re prepared to do.

Unpacking and getting her room ready in Marietta Hall, Claire Murphy ’13 explains what it’s like to move to southeastern Ohio from Beth Page, N.Y. The room is a bit cramped and the air is heavy, but the Murphys are anything but aggravated, annoyed or angry. The circumstances have no effect on the family and as an only child, Murphy shows she is ready to come to Marietta and start the next chapter of her life even if it means being apart from her parents and really good food.

“I’ve traveled to many places since I was 7 or 8 without my parents but I’ve never lived away from home,” Murphy said. “The separation from them will not be a problem; I’m excited about meeting new people and starting my first college classes. However, I think that the thing I’ll miss most from home will be the food my dad cooks!”

Her father, John, is a culinary chef and has been home with Claire everyday after school since she was a little girl and her mother, Maureen, has created a close-knit family though all their experiences together. Although her parents are going to miss Claire terribly, they are excited for the opportunities that a small college can offer their daughter.

“We are scared and will miss her,” Maureen said. “However, we are thrilled and excited about the possibilities for Claire because she is an amazing girl. She’s ready for a place that is different from the big campuses of New York City.”

Nico Richey ’13 had a slightly different experience moving into his first-floor Mary Beach room. It’s just the Richey family, unpacked boxes, and a doorstop to keep fresh air in the room as they reveal their feelings about this exciting, new event.

Originally from Egg Harbor Township, N.J., Richey was recruited to be on Marietta’s men’s crew. Moving away from home is a little scary for oldest son of Joe and Annamarie Richey, but coming to Marietta was an easy decision for him because of the major they had to offer him.

“I’m a little nervous,” Richey said. “But I know a few people here and I’m really excited to start practicing for crew, meeting new people, and starting my petroleum engineering major.”

The Richey family made the journey to Marietta the day before moving in to accommodate for the long drive from New Jersey. Tired and weary, the family knows that Richey will be happy at Marietta. “I’m happy for him,” Annamarie said. “I’m going to miss him, but we’re really proud of him and know that we can trust him to be fine because he’s been away from home before.”

Freshman move in continued until 3 p.m. The freshmen and many of the parents returned to campus in the evening to participate in the annual Matriculation ceremony on Fenton Court.

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