Robin Eschbaugh joins Marietta College’s payroll office

Marietta native Robin Eschbaugh has joined Marietta College’s staff as the new payroll specialist.

Eschbaugh, who previously worked at Jones Accounting as a payroll administrator, started in October.

“When the job became available at Marietta I thought it sounded like something I’d be interested in and I felt like it was a step forward for me,” Eschbaugh said.

Eschbaugh, who is responsible for entering all data on new employees and student workers into the payroll system, says she is adjusting quickly to the position. She’s also in charge of five payrolls a month, including two for students. Eschbaugh also tracks employee benefits and leave plans, manages retiree benefits, and files monthly and quarterly reports.

“And that keeps me pretty busy,” she said.

Eschbaugh will soon assume responsibility for the human resources part of the position. She is currently familiarizing herself with the system.

Robin lives with her husband, Terry, and son, Nathan, in Reno. Her older son, Ryan, is a sophomore at Marietta College. She is a 1980 graduate of Marietta High School and previously worked at Broughton Foods in payroll and the sales office.