Our Mission

Our Mission

Students enrolled in the Department of Business and Economics will develop competencies in their specific fields of study. In addition, they will graduate with the essential analytical, problem solving, computer, and communication skills to excel in their chosen career or graduate studies. Upon their graduation, students also will have the necessary interpersonal skills to function as effective team players with people from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, students will be able to demonstrate competency in conducting research, a commitment to ethical and professional behavior, an understanding of the international marketplace, and an appreciation of the importance of lifelong learning.

Objectives of Each Program:

Accounting and Public Accounting

Students of accounting and public accounting will apply the basics of financial reporting and internal control, understand how managers use accounting information, appreciate how technology impacts the accounting profession, and possess basic skills to pass a professional examination.


Students of economics will acquire the theoretical and analytical knowledge necessary for understanding and evaluating economic issues and policies, in order to be informed decision makers and citizens in society.


Students of finance will understand the significance of accounting data, economic theory, and professional standards while appropriately applying financial tools in making decisions and recommendations associated with corporate finance, asset valuation, and portfolio management.

International Business

Students of international business will have the analytical tools, the language skills, and the international experience to live and work either for short or extended periods in overseas business environments. They will be comfortable in other cultures and effective as managers in the increasingly global marketplace.

Land & Energy Management

Students of land & energy management will acquire the skills, experience, and industry knowledge necessary to encourage sound stewardship of land and energy resources.


Students of management will be equipped with the basic tools, critical understandings, and awareness of current developments to practice contemporary management; and will develop their skills in leadership, in order to create and adapt to change by leading and following others, effectively, in their management practices.


Students of marketing will understand that marketers provide an organization with an advantage by enabling it to meet the wants and needs of target markets in a competitive marketplace. Graduates must be able to assess those needs and design programs for meeting them while helping the organization to meet its financial goals.

Sports Management

Students of sports management will have an understanding of basic principles in management, accounting, economics, and finance. Students will be able to apply these principles to the various areas of the sports industry including professional, collegiate, interscholastic, private, voluntary, and private fitness. Students will prepare for careers in sports management by completing two required internships.

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