Lead faculty: Dr. John Fazio

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Students of management will be equipped with the basic tools, critical understandings, and awareness of current developments to practice contemporary management; and will develop their skills in leadership, in order to create and adapt to change by leading and following others, effectively, in their management practices.

Marietta's management major is truly at the cutting-edge of programs of its kind. Why? Because it was designed specifically to produce managers who not only have technical skills, but who possess the leadership skills today's managers need to enjoy successful, rewarding careers. "Change, flexibility, teamwork, and vision are the dominant isses faced by businesses," says Professor of Leadership and Management Michael Taylor. "It takes leadership to survive and flourish in such an environment." Students who graduate from Marietta College with a degree in Management posses not only the technical knowhow to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment, but the leadership skills to be great managers. The major exposes students to the many functions of management, including information systems and technology, finance, operations, accounting, economics, and marketing, as well as the principles of good management. Students can enroll in courses where European and Asian cultures are discussed. Plus, because the management major takes advantage of the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business, students work directly with experts in the field. They examine leadership by studying literature, history, culture, and political and ethical issues.

Marietta has one of the earliest chapters of the national economics and business honor society, Tau Pi Phi. Students regularly participate in the annual two-day case study competition.

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