Lead faculty: Professor Julie Harding

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Students of marketing will understand that marketers provide an organization with an advantage by enabling it to meet the wants and needs of target markets in a competitive marketplace. Graduates must be able to assess those needs and design programs for meeting them while helping the organization to meet its financial goals.

With competition in the marketplace as fierce as it is today, nothing is as critical to a company's success as its marketing division. Marietta's program prepares you for the marketing arena by offering a broad selection of business courses, while at the same time focusing on the specific demands of marketing. We then show you how it all fits to-gether through classes such as our Business Consulting course where you'll work with other students and faculty a dvisors on projects for area businesses.

Our Marketing majors research the international differences in marketing; they become both generalists and specialists by studying a variety of career options; their class discussions and homework cover other related academic areas to help them become well-rounded; and they learn the importance of critical thinking and analysis.

The Department's Business Consulting course provides opportunities for student teams with a faculty advisor to work with area businesses.

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