Faculty and Staff

Gregory Delemeester

Gregory Delemeester

McCoy Professor of Economics

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 118

Degrees: Ph.D. in Economics (Texas A&M University), 1989; Bachelor's in Economics (Michigan State University), 1981

Year appointed: 1986

Dr. Delemeester holds the Milton Friedman Chair in Economics. His primary field of interest is experimental economics, and he has co-authored a classroom manual on this topic along with articles in the Journal of Economic Education and the Journal of Economic Surveys. He has also served on the editorial board of Perspectives on Economic Education Research and maintains several web pages dedicated to the classroom applications of experimental economics. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Economic Roundtable of the Ohio Valley and also serves as its Vice President of Programs.



Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson

McCoy Professor of Accounting

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 119

Degrees: Master of Accountancy (University of South Florida), 1988; Bachelor's in Accounting (University of South Florida), 1986

Year appointed: 1989

As well as teaching financial accounting, Professor Johnson is responsible for courses in accounting information systems and accounting research, and is affiliated with the College's Asian Studies Program. She has been published in Journal of E-business, Decision Management, Journal of Education for Business, Journal of Instructional Pedagogies, and is an active presenter at accounting and international business conferences. She co-authored a Portuguese language management information systems textbook, Sistemas de Informações: Administraçõo em Tempo Real (Information Systems: Realtime Management). Her new textbook, Fundamentals of Accounting Information Systems: An Internal Control Approach, was published in November 2013 by North American Business Press.

Johnson spent her 2009-2010 sabbatical working in Korea on projects related to accounting education and marriage migration. She collaborated with several Korean colleagues on papers comparing American and Korean accounting education. Her studies on migration are ongoing.

Johnson's current research interests include studies of Chinese rural development, migration in China and Korea, and experiential accounting education.



Jacqueline Khorassani

Jacqueline Khorassani

Professor of Economics

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 104

Degrees: Ph.D. in Economics (West Virginia University), 1997; Master's in Economics (University of Oregon), 1982; Bachelor's in Public Relations and Social Affairs (College of Mass Communication, Tehran, Iran), 1975

Year appointed: 1994

Dr. Khorassani’s current research focuses on the inverted classroom pedagogy. She also has conducted research on the causes and effects of the shadow economy as well as the moral hazard effects of deposit insurance.

Dr. Khorassani is the recipient of the “Innovative Teaching Award” at Marietta College. She has also been recognized twice as a finalist for the McCoy Teaching Award. In addition to Marietta College, Dr. Khorassani has conducted classes and seminars at various domestic and foreign universities such as Ohio University, West Virginia University, University of International Relations in Beijing, China, South West University of Economics & Finance in Chengdu, China, Methodist University in Piraciaba, Brazil, and Centro Universitario Metodista Izabela Hendrix in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Dr. Khorassani has presented in the international meetings such as “The Symposium on The Reform of Curriculum for Academic Finance Programs and Bilingual Teaching in Finance” in China. She has published in the Journal of Economic and Finance.



Debora Lazorik

Debora Lazorik

Associate Professor of Business & Economics

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: Thomas 107

Degrees: B.A. College of St. Francis, M.S. George Williams College

Year appointed: 1980

Ms. Lazorik has more than 30 years of experience in higher education. She currently serves as the coordinator of the sports management major, teaching many sport-related courses and overseeing the internship program. Lazorik spent more than 25 years as a coach, teacher and administrator at Marietta. She has served on several NCAA committees and had a leadership role in the Ohio Athletic Conference by bringing women's athletics in as members in 1985.

She was the College's full-time athletics director from 1991-2007. She worked tirelessly at helping Marietta focus on equity and fundraising in the athletic department. She is the winningest women's basketball coach at Marietta with 131 victories in 12 seasons. She also coached volleyball for six seasons.

In 1988, she received the Professional Achievement Award from the St. Francis Alumni Association. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from the College of St. Francis in 1977 and her Master of Arts in Recreation Administration from George Williams College in 1984.



David Mead

David Mead

Associate Professor

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: THMS 109


Year appointed: 2011

Mead earned his MBA from Xavier University and graduated with an undergraduate degree in business from Otterbein College. He has had an extensive career in public accounting, banking and not-for-profit organizations, and was an associate with a large international accounting firm. Mead also spent over 25 years in senior accounting and finance roles in large regional and community banks and was Chief Financial Officer for two publicly traded financial institutions. In addition, he served as an interim Chief Executive Officer at a publicly traded financial institution and continues to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for that institution. Professor Mead's field of interest is the interplay of accounting and finance in the broader business perspective, particularly in large, complex organizations.



Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

McCoy Professor of Management Leadership,

Dept: Business & Economics




Office: Thomas, 102

Degrees: Master of Business Administration (Ohio University), 1984; Ph.D. (Harvard University), 1976; Bachelor of Theological Studies (Harvard Divinity School), 1969; Bachelor's (Carleton College), 1966

Year appointed: 1977

Dr. Taylor spent two years co-authoring Spinning Wheels and Accessories, which came out in February 2004. He has been involved with Marietta College's China Program since 1986 when he spent 1986-87 teaching marketing at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. In the fall of 1996 he taught Comparative Leadership Studies at The Foreign Affairs College in Beijing. He has been listed in Who's Who in American Education and Who's Who in the World.



Paula Lewis

Paula Lewis

Academic Secretary

Dept: Business & EconomicsHistory, Philosophy, Political Science & Religion




Office: THMS 122

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Management (Marietta College), Associate Degree in Business Administration (Marietta College).

Year appointed: 1996

Ms. Lewis serves as secretary to the Department of Business & Economics as well as the History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion Department.

She joined the College in 1996 as secretary for the Counseling and Career Center. Ms. Lewis has also worked as the Special Events Coordinator and the Coordinator of Conferences Services. Prior to joining Marietta she served as the Insurance and Risk Manager for The Pizza People. Ms. Lewis graduated from Marietta College in May 2010 with a Bachelor's in Management. She also has an associates in Business administration from Marietta College.

Ms. Lewis resides outside of Marietta with her husband, Jeff, and son, Nick.