Education Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad at Marietta College includes a number of interlocking components that provide many opportunities for enhancing your international understanding and experience. Our staff works to provide programming and support services to our international student population on campus, and promotes international opportunities, whether internships, volunteer opportunities or study abroad programs to all Marietta College students.

As a former study abroad participant, I know firsthand the benefits to studying in another country. At Marietta College, we encourage our students to broaden their horizons and explore other perspectives in a number of academic classes with international themes, by interacting with our international student population or by participating in an overseas experience.

I encourage each person to explore our programs, and read testimonials from our students, staff and faculty about their overseas experiences. A trustee and alumna of the College recently remarked, "Marietta College gives you the opportunities you never thought you’d have." Take advantage of the unique overseas and domestic courses offered, and try something different.

Christy Burke
Director, Education Abroad

Marietta College Core Value: Global Perspective and Diversity

At the center of a Marietta education are Seven Core Values that form the foundation for all the College does. The Department of Education Abroad helps the college achieve Core Value #3: Global Perspective and Diversity, which states:

MARIETTA COLLEGE prepares students to thrive in a diverse society and in a world where social interaction, work, and exchange occur across geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn that economic growth, political stability, human adaptation, and sustainability all rely upon cooperative efforts among the nations and peoples of the world.

Education Abroad Mission Statement

To create, develop and promote meaningful cross-cultural experiences both on and off-campus for all members of the college community. Through academic and experiential opportunities, we seek to increase international participation for students, faculty and staff and advance the depth of understanding for cultural competence and learning.

Our goals include:

  • fostering development of policies, practices, and procedures consistent with a campus environment that is open to and inclusive of people from around the globe
  • supporting the infusion of an international focus in academic and co-curricular programs
  • recruiting and providing program support for international students and scholars
  • encouraging short-term and long-term study abroad experiences
  • promoting opportunities for international professional development of faculty and staff
  • nurturing exchange agreements with strategically selected international sister institutions
  • coordinating with other individuals and units to secure resources for the healthy growth of education abroad and opportunities.