Why Study Abroad?

Why not? Do you want to broaden your horizons, enrich your college experience, challenge your current perspective, see the world, and experience new things?

Study abroad offers students a chance to live in a culture different from their own. In many cases students come home with a great understanding of the world and a newfound appreciation for their own culture.

Study abroad expands personal growth and independence. Students learn new skills, rise to challenges and solve problems independently.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
— St. Augustine

General Summary of Options

Marietta College students have three options to choose from when preparing for a study abroad experience.

  • Faculty led programs: Faculty-Led Programs are group-based travel courses (2-4 weeks) led by Marietta faculty members. Students will travel together while taking a course (3 or 6 credits) taught by the Marietta faculty member. Spaces in these courses fill early; if you are interested, contact the faculty member or department as soon as possible.
  • Third Party Providers (TPP): Third Party Providers are non-profit organizations that coordinate their own application process, advising and on-site orientation (in your host country). They also give you assistance with logistical arrangements (travel, visas, etc.), as well as with the classes and academic components of your study abroad experience. This is the most popular option at Marietta, given our wide variety of programs.
  • Direct Enrollment: Direct enrollment means that you enroll directly with a foreign university. You will be considered an "international student" and will be studying with students from the host institution as well as other international students. Keep in mind that if you are doing this option in a host country that speaks a different language, you will need to be highly proficient in that language.

In addition to studying abroad, Marietta College students have the option to intern, volunteer or teach abroad.


The Role of the Office of Education Abroad

At Marietta College, Study Abroad is a division of the Office of Education Abroad. The Director of Education Abroad and the Academic Advisor for Study Abroad are here to help you throughout the process.

Students interested in studying abroad begin by scheduling an appointment with the Director of Education Abroad or by attending an informational session. We will post the updated information session schedule in Thomas 214. While we guide you through the process and review your final program and course selection, ultimately individual preferences determine which study abroad program you attend.

We help you think about where you want to go, what classes you can enroll in, if you want to live with a family, in a residence hall or in an apartment, and to review individual program outlines. The Director of Education Abroad will review your course selections and verify the transferability of each course to the Marietta College curriculum. The academic department chair or academic advisor must sign off on all course selection.

Our major role is to advise you in this process and present information about studying abroad that aids in the planning phase. We provide resources about program options, passport and visa procedures, fees and regulations, vaccinations, cost of living and cross-cultural communication. We do not plan your travel, do not provide foreign currency or insurance, nor do we provide immunizations. We can direct you to other sources for that information should it be necessary.