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Café AHhh

The event is typically held twice each semester, in the lobby of the A&H House; however, the Spring of 2013 brought an exciting expansion of the event with the move off-campus. Coordinator of the program, Keith Foster, explained that the move “gave us the chance to share what we have with the Marietta Community, because we were very isolated in just the college community; we wanted to have more of an artist impact.” Keith reassures that the event will continue to be held on campus as well as off.

This event is a great opportunity for students involved in the arts and humanities, and not just the majors. Students from all over campus are welcome to share their creative endeavors. Keith believes that the significance of this event lies not only in the student’s opportunity “to be recognized, but also just to share their creative work with their peers; to show them how they like to spend their time outside pure recreation or pure academia, that there is a middle ground that often gets neglected, and so it gives us a chance to celebrate that.”



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