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Creative Writing Concentration:

Marietta College English majors have the opportunity to earn a Creative Writing Concentration, which involves taking all the requirements for the English major in addition to 9 credits of WRIT classes.

This option provides students with the ability to express their creative ideas and receive feedback in a constructive environment. Futhermore, students looking to pursue the creative writing career track have the advantage to create a guided body of work to present to potential employers and graduate schools.


Required Courses Include:

WRIT 290
PICK TWO: WRIT 301, 302, 303



WRIT 290 Introduction to Creative Writing. The study and practice of three genres of creative writing--poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction as well as the skill of evaluating work in these genres. (W)

WRIT 301 Short Fiction Workshop. This course will introduce students to the art of writing short stories. Students will read contemporary short stories from around the globe, write short exercises to jump-start the writing process, and write, workshop, and revise several short stories for their portfolios.


WRIT 302 Creative Nonfiction. The study and writing of expository essays with emphasis on the development of purposeful stylistic and organizational strategies. Recommended for students seeking certification in English. (W)

WRIT 303 Poetry Workshop. Students will work as poets or “makers,” gaining exercise in crafting images, making music, evoking sensations. As apprentice poets, students will read extensively in the field. The selection of poems and poetics assigned for the course is intended to illuminate students’ artistic preferences and to generate new directions for writing.


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