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Pizza, Poetry, & Prose

“I think it’s really important,” says Dr. Janet Bland, co-coordinator for the event, “to have a manifestation of our creative community, so that when you write something, people other than your classmates and your teachers see it. So there’s a performative and public acknowledgement and experience to it…Just because you’re not comfortable up there, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be heard.”

Co-coordinator Dr. Nathan Anderson agrees that this is a great opportunity for readers and audience members alike. “I think it’s an opportunity for students to share parts of their inner lives; I mean, that’s what art does, it transcends the individual, and so I think this is a way for students to be a part of that larger community. Usually we read these things in isolation, and hopefully the work does transcend itself, speaks to the life of the reader; here we’re literally speaking to the readers.”

Sign-up sheets for the event will be posted inside Thomas Hall.



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