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At Marietta College, Sigma Tau Delta is not only an academic honorary, but also a student organization that is actively involved on campus and in the community. In the past, members have volunteered at Ely Chapman Education Foundation, helping children develop their critical reading skills. Campus activities to look out for include a themed game night, movie nights, and fundraisers that are open to all students, not merely Sigma Tau Delta members.

(per the Constitution, Article IX):

“Candidates must have completed a minimum of two college courses in English language or literature beyond the usual requirements in freshman English. The candidate must have a minimum of a B or equivalent average in English and in general scholarship, must rank at least in the highest thirty-five percent of his/her class, and must have completed at least three semesters or give quarters of college course work.”

National Organization

To visit the National Sigma Tau Delta Website for internship opportunities, scholarship applications, or just more information, go to: http://www.english.org/sigmatd/
To contact Dr. Livengood with questions regarding Sigma Tau Delta, email her at nl002@marietta.edu

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