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For Prospective Physics Students

Why Marietta College?

The study of Physics at Marietta comes with several advantages: the overall high quality of Marietta College, small class size, and committed faculty. In particular, Marietta has a history of very high quality teaching, advising, staff support, and personal attention. Enrollment in introductory physics classes typically will be no more than 20 - 40 students, and physics majors probably will have 10 or fewer students in their upper-level physics classes. Our faculty members, past and present, are committed to the study of physics within the wider context of the liberal arts tradition. They have performed significant research in specialized fields, yet maintain broad intellectual horizons. They are accessible to students. At Marietta you will be challenged. You will work hard. You will be noticed.

Highlights of the Program

Science Building: The Department of Physics, along with portions of the Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science programs are located in the Rickey Science Center. This facility provides high-quality lab space for the sciences at Marietta College. A recent addition to the Rickey Science Center is the Anderson Hancock Planetarium.

Student Scholarships: Rickey Scholarships in Physics are competitive and are available to full-time students who intend to major in Physics with the goal of continuing on to graduate school and a scientific or technical career.

New Equipment: The Department of Physics has a substantial endowed equipment fund so that it can regularly purchase and maintain new, state-of-the-art physics equipment.

Exploring Marietta College

Choosing a college is a big decision, and it is important for prospective students to experience the campus, students, faculty, and staff first hand. We strongly encourage you to schedule a visit through the Office of Admission (1-800-331-7896). During your visit you can meet with an Admission counselor, take a campus tour, sit in on a class or two, talk personally with the physics faculty, talk with students, find out first-hand about scholarships and financial aid, and other such activities. If you wish to contact the Physics Department directly, feel free to do so (refer to the contact information on the Physics Faculty page). We are enthusiastic about the prospects for physics at Marietta, and we want to give you every opportunity to learn whether Marietta College is right for you. We hope you will attend Marietta and major in physics. If you decide to join us, we look forward to the contributions you will make to our exciting program.

What Can I Do With A Major in Physics?

Marietta College has a long and distinguished history of educating students who go on to become successful scientists and engineers. Studying physics at Marietta has prepared our alumni to be successful in a broad range of careers. Here, in no particular order, is a list of some of the jobs or positions that our graduates hold currently, or have held in the past:

  • College art professor
  • Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Virginia
  • Technical Staff Member performing neutron scattering experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Physicist at the Sandia National Laboratory
  • Physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Senior Results Engineer for a major nuclear power utility
  • Builder of spectrometers for use in satellites
  • Computer software development (several)
  • College or university physics faculty member (several)
  • Principal U.S. agent for a large international high-technology venture capital business
  • Senior editor for Astronomy magazine
  • High school physics teacher (several)
  • Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Labs
  • Officer and nuclear specialist in the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine program
  • Department head, Martin Marietta Energy Systems
  • Research and development in the glass industry
  • Senior Design Engineer for a major gas company
  • Human factors engineering for GTE Telephone Operations
  • Principal associate for a logistics and management consulting firm
  • Responsible for technical direction, engineering, and marketing management for a premier developer and manufacturer of ultra high precision machine tools
  • Research specialist for the 3M Company, and creator of his own entrepreneurial venture
  • Owner of an environmental consulting firm