Finding the MAC address of your PlayStation 2

Before registering your PS2, you must first install the network adapter given in the installation guide or on the PlayStation2 Network Adapter Web site. Once you have the network adapter installed you are ready to begin the ISP Setup process.
  1. Turn on the PS2 and insert the Network Adaptor Startup Disc.
  2. Once the menu has appeared, press X to enter the ISP Setup.
  3. Once it has loaded, press X to continue.
  4. Your PS2 will search for the network adapter.
  5. After the network adapter has been found, press X to continue.
  6. Press X again to continue.
  7. Wait while the data is accessed.
  8. Select New and then press X to continue.
  9. Type a name for you ISP setting. For example- ResNet, but you can name it whatever you want.
  10. When asked if you currently subscribe to an ISP service, select Yes and press X to continue.
  11. For connection type, choose High speed connection (cable or DSL) and press X to continue.
  12. Select Automatic Settings and press X to continue.
  13. When asked if you ISP requires a User ID and Password, select No and press X to continue.
  14. When asked if your Internet Service Provider requires you to input a DHCP Host Name, select No. Unplug your network cable from the PS2, and press X to continue (Unplugging your cable will cause the test to fail, which causes the PS2 to display your MAC address).
  15. The network connection test will fail. Do not press X or Triangle. Press Select to see the error message (see below).
    Network connection test has failed. ps2 error  message
  16. The Network Adapter / MAC address will be displayed (see below). The address is a combination of 12 numbers and letters eg. 00 0F 1F 05 20 02. Write the MAC address down.
    ps2 mac address
  17. Register with our office.