Finding the MAC address of your PocketPC 2002 or Windows Mobile Device

  1. From the Start menu, tap Settings, then the System tab.
  2. Locate and tap the icon that either lists your PDA's hardware components or manages the wireless network component.

  3. Note: On the Toshiba e750 series, click Wireless LAN Manager. On the Dell Axim, click Dell WLAN Utility (it is on the Connections tab, not the System tab). On a Hewlett-Packard (HP) iPaq, tap Asset Viewer.
  4. Locate the setting, tab, or dialog box that reveals the MAC address:
    • Toshiba e Series PocketPC: In the Wireless LAN Manager, select Info. You'll find the MAC address listed at the top of this screen.
    • Dell Axim: For the X30 models, in the Dell WLAN Utility, select Advanced. Then, tap Network Troubleshooting, and then Advanced. For the X3i models, in the Dell WLAN Utility under "Station IP Info", tap More Info. The MAC address is one of the bottom two items.
    • Dell Axim X50v: In the Dell WLAN Utility, select Advanced. The MAC address is the third field on the screen.
    • HP iPaq: In the Asset Viewer, tap + (the plus sign) next to "Wireless LAN". The MAC address will be one of the details listed.
    • Other Windows Mobile or PocketPC 2002 devices: Install and run the free vxIPConfig tool from This will display the device's MAC address.