About Your First Year at Marietta College

Freshman Year at Marietta College is about much more than learning in a classroom. It's a time to learn about who you are, and who you will become. The opportunities for pursuing your passions and exploring new interests starts from your very first week of classes, as Marietta offers the Involvement Fair, an event designed to showcase the different clubs and organizations available to students at Marietta.

From athletic events to concerts and plays, to joining a fraternity, sorority, or any of the numerous student organizations, there's always plenty to do on campus. But there's no question your Marietta experience will be enriched by venturing beyond the college's perimeters and exploring the Marietta community. Your FYE programs will help you learn about things to do in town, and around the college.

Marietta also offers a wide variety of help for you during your first year. The Academic Resource Center can help with classes, tutoring, and to master the art of crafting the perfect essay, and the Career Center can help you learn about different career paths and the fields of study you'll need to pursue them, as well as offering help with building a resume and finding internships. If you're feeling stressed, homesick, or just need someone to talk to, the folks at Counseling Services can help soothe your emotions. These are just a few of the myriad resources available to you as a Marietta College student.

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