The International Advisory Group supports and promotes international study, research and collaboration for faculty and to execute charges deemed a priority by the Provost in the area of internationalization.


  • The committee has responsibility for developing and reviewing supporting materials for international study projects/tours.
  • The committee will review grant proposals for international projects and allocate funds from the IAG budget.
  • The committee provides feedback to the Provost and Office of Academic Affairs on faculty related aspects of international study tours (compensation changes, procedural guidelines, trainings etc.)
  • The committee collects and reviews travel grant applications for faculty and staff members proposing international travel.


  • The committee will be composed of 4 faculty members and the Director of Education Abroad.
  • Meetings-minimum of three times per semester


  • Documents that the committee reviews include guidelines for application for IAG funds; checklists for travel preparations; suggestions for incorporating pre and post travel learning objectives; guidelines for emergencies that may arise during a trip; and other supporting documents.
  • Travel grant applications are collected annually and recommendations are passed onto the Provost for final approval.

Global Prospective and Diversity

Marietta College prepares students to thrive in a diverse society and in a world where social interaction, work, and exchange occur across geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn that economic growth, political stability, human adaptation, and sustainability all rely upon cooperative efforts among the nations and peoples of the world.

The strategic plan document Focused on Distinction - A Plan for Marietta College 2010-2015 places emphasis on internationalism and ways in which the college can enhance international opportunities for its students, faculty and staff. Strategy 1.A.3 highlights particular attention to increasing short term faculty led study tours abroad, with an objective of 25% of Marietta College graduates to have an international experience.

Committee Members

Ena Vulor - Chair
Marilee Morrow
Paul Daniell
Christy Burke