Is the Campus Wi-Fi equipped?

Yes! All campus-owned housing units have both wired and wireless access the Internet and to College systems such as the library, e-mail and College web site. Marietta College has wireless access available in the library and several classrooms and labs. We encourage students to bring a laptop with a wireless Wi-Fi card. If a desktop computer is what you would prefer, there is no need for a wireless network card. To connect to the campus network services, we suggest your computer meet the following system requirements:

IBM Compatible (PC)

  • Pentium-class (or higher) processor
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi card (802.11b or 802.11g compatible)


  • PPC, G3, or G4 processor
  • MacOS 10.3 (or Higher)
  • Ethernet
  • Airport or Airport Extreme (802.11b or 802.11g compatible)

Note: The 802.11b/g card is NOT needed for a desktop computer.

You will also need a patch cable to connect your computer to the Ethernet connection in your room. The length of this will vary depending on where you plan to put your computer. These cables are available in the campus bookstore. If you plan to bring your own, make sure that it is a standard patch cable and not a crossover or crossconnect cable. Visit the Technology Department for more information, or if you just need to know how to set up your wireless connection, click here. And for any Technology related questions or problems, you can always contact the IT Help Desk at 740-376-4860.

Will I have my own College e-mail account?

Students will be issued an e-mail account during Summer Enrollment Days. This e-mail account is required for access to all networked systems at Marietta College. You can access your email online at or via the campus portal MyMarietta. You are encouraged to check the portal regularly to keep up on campus news and events.

Can I purchase a computer through Marietta College?

Marietta College does not offer any services for direct computer purchases for students. This is because most manufactures already offer such programs. If you are looking for software, educational versions of most programs can be ordered at the Marietta College Bookstore. For more information about computer purchases, consult the IT department's computer vendors page.

Is the campus wired? What about the classrooms?

Marietta College has a number of multi-media classrooms that are wired to the Internet. These classrooms allow for the integration and application of technology into a learning environment. There are multiple computer labs that support instruction in areas such as the Academic Resource Center, art, biology, chemistry, computer science, education, geology, mass media, mathematics, modern foreign languages, music, petroleum engineering, physics, psychology, and theater.

Does Marietta College require that I have a computer?

No, but most students do bring a computer. There are several open-access labs on campus that you may use to access software such as word-processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database, Web browsers and e-mail. Also, the Legacy Library has more than 100 computers available to patrons.

What about printing?

Most campus labs have printers available for printing. The Legacy Library has three black and white printers and a color laser printer. Beginning with the Fall 2009 Semester students are given a quota for printing. The quota will be given as a dollar amount and may be used for printing to any of the campus lab and library printers. A new quota will be allocated each semester and not carried forward. Once the quota is depleted a student must deposit money into a vending account on their campus ID card in order to perform additional printing. For more information about printing on campus, click here.

What if I need help?

The Marietta College Information Technology (IT) Department offers assistance from the campus IT Help Desk. The phone number for the Help Desk is (740) 376-4860. The Help Desk is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year. Unfortunately, the IT Department does not have sufficient staff to send personnel to student rooms to work on computers. We have a list of area businesses that can provide computer software and/or hardware services. For those students who bring laptops, they may bring their computer by the IT Department for an analysis of the problem. It is recommended that you have a maintenance agreement with your computer vendor for hardware repairs.

What else should I know about campus technology?

All Marietta College students and personnel are required to read and abide by the Network Use Policy.