In the Fall 2014 Issue

There was a certain thrill on Interstate 77 when you finally reached the Exit 1 or Exit 6 signs — you knew you were just minutes away from so many things you loved … friends, your tiny dorm room dressed up just the way you liked it, that project you really didn’t want to do but would glean so much satisfaction from turning it in on time — what you would expect from any college campus.

But the Marietta College experience spilled past the Fourth Street field, beyond Don Drumm and Parsons Field. Friendships were forged outside of the dorms and classrooms. Residents, shop owners and employees in the city were counted as friends; their specialty plates became your go-to comfort food, and the time you spent with them became special memories.

In this edition of Marietta Magazine, the cover story rummages into some of the more memorable places and tastes of the city of Marietta, and also highlights new or undiscovered hotspots you may not have gotten the chance to experience as a student but are encouraged to visit when you come back.

The magazine also includes stories about student internships, Dr. Dwayne Stone’s estate giving his massive mineral and fossil collection to the College, and how John Parsons ’94 is making an impact on player safety as the Director of the NCAA’s Sports Science Institute.

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I hope you enjoy reading the variety of stories and the beautiful images featured in this edition!

— Gi Smith