In the Spring 2014 Issue

One of the selling points of Marietta College to prospective students is its location — in a historic small city nestled at the convergence of two beautiful rivers.

For the most part, the close-knit community exists peacefully within the confines of this picturesque landscape. But every once in a while, the Ohio and the Muskingum take center stage. Ten years ago this fall, unrelenting rains from back-to-back hurricanes moving inland from the Atlantic Coast triggered a massive flood that snaked its way through campus, sent the majority of students home for a week and left a muddy, memorable mess.

In this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, students, staff and faculty recall their experiences of the flood of 2004. Also featured are the impressive outcomes stories of a group of 2013 graduates who share what their lives are like since joining The Long Blue Line a year ago.

There are many more features in the magazine — including one about an Army veteran who hopes to take the field this fall as a member of the Pioneers football team.

Marietta College students, faculty and alumni have an endless supply of great stories to share. Let us know what you’ve been up to lately by submitting your class note to We’d love to hear from you!

— Gi Smith