Joe Andler

Joe Andler '15

Major: Astronomy and Math

Additional Education: Ph.D. in Materials Engineering at Purdue University (expected graduation is 2020)

Current Job: Graduate Research Assistant at Purdue University

Hometown: Canal Fulton, Ohio

Clubs/Organizations: Intramural Sports, Physics Club, Society of Physics Students, Newman Society, Residence Life, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta

Favorite Professor: It depends what is meant by "favorite." Some professors expel much effort into their class structure and teaching style, some have a profoundly eloquent way with words, and others I would enjoy a nice beer with. I could write for pages about how I've benefitted differently from almost every single one of my courses and professors. Some I've had more of a "friend" connection with, a select few I've appreciated for the extraordinary amount of effort they put into teaching and their students, and others have taught me how to open my mind and think logistically through problems in ways that I could not four years ago. For all of them I will be forever grateful.

Education Abroad: I spent five months during the spring of my junior year studying in New Zealand. Words cannot adequately describe how much I believe you should study abroad somewhere, whether you speak a different language or not (I can only speak English). At the very least, seriously consider it. This was such an enriching, maturing, eye-opening, and exciting experience for me that I did not even begin to contemplate until my freshman year of college. Think it's too expensive? Apply for outside scholarships. With the financial aid I received, it was cheaper to study abroad for a semester than stay in the United States (excluding airfare).

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

When applying for colleges, I wanted a small school with physics and astronomy programs. Marietta was among only a few other schools within driving distance that fit this criteria. Marietta had a good size department for a small school, the faculty seemed sincerely interested in me since my first tour, and the campus seemed very inviting (tight-nit community, beautiful city, etc.). If you are interested in physics, ask about the Rickey Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship was the deciding factor in my college decision.

Favorite Marietta moment?

My favorite moment I will actually get in trouble for if I post it. Nobody was hurt, no property was damaged, nothing was out of place the next day, and there were no bad repercussions. You just need to learn to make your own adventures!

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

My life was completely in my control; I made it as busy or as easy as I wanted. I enjoyed lighter load my freshman year because I wanted to get to know people, and I like being social. Even though I had a fantastic experience that year, I realized that I did not want to just go here for four years, get a degree, and get out. I wanted to make a lasting impression and get the most out of my college experience as I could, so I made myself pretty busy my sophomore and junior years. I wanted an easier senior year, so that's exactly what I did. You are in control of what you want to become at Marietta. Your future is in your hands.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

The Long Blue Line opened many doors that would otherwise not have been opened for me; it actually changed my career path (for the better). I was lucky enough to obtain an internship at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida, because an alumnus was employed there. Because I loved the experience and job so much, I modified my career path. Instead of an astrophysics-centered area of research, I am now studying materials engineering, and am enjoying my decision.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

Once a Pio, always a Pio. It is important to pass on the knowledge and support that you receive when you attend Marietta. I will do what I can to help any Pioneer try to obtain an internship, job, or life advice if I am in the proper position to do so. It is important to do the same since networking is key to fostering a supportive alumni chain.



Casey Trail

Casey Trail '05

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Economics, Philosophy

Additional Education: Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from The Pennsylvania State University; Master of Science in Mathematics, Miami University

Current Job: Risk and Decision Analyst at Argonne National Labs

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Clubs/Organizations: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Athletics: Rowing

Favorite Professor: Mark Miller (John Tynan is a close second)

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

I was on a recruiting trip for the men's rowing team in the spring of 2001. Those guys showed me the campus, sold me on the school, and made me feel right at home.

Favorite Marietta moment?

The week of cleanup in the fall of 2004 after the College flooded was a particularly memorable time. Lots of people stayed to help at the College (and in town) rather than go home. I haven't met anyone that has had as much fun serving their College as we did that week.

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

Lots of hard work squeezed in between lots of fun. My fraternity (Delta Tau Delta), and the rowing team were an enthusiastic and supportive group of men. Lots of healthy distractions made the "day to day" seem easy. Class work was always challenging. Again though, a supportive group of professors and classmates made it easy to stay motivated.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

I was very prepared for graduate work at Miami University and I owe all of that to the education I received at Marietta College. While at Marietta I had the chance to do original research and publish my results in a research journal. There is little doubt that this provided a major "boost" to my applications to Ph.D. programs.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

Being a Pioneer means that I went to a college that cares about me as an individual, and prepared me for a success.



Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson '07

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Minor: Leadership Studies

Additional Education: Master's and Ph.D. in Computer Science at West Virginia University

Current Job: Assistant Professor West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Hometown: Williamstown, WV

Clubs/Organizations: ACM, (MC)^2, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Student Senate, Commuter Council, Voice, Student Conduct Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa

Favorite Professor: Dr. John Tynan

When did you know Marietta College was the right school for you?

I knew right before my senior year in high school. I wanted a quality education that was close to home and emphasized the small classroom environment. Marietta College was the perfect fit for me.

Favorite Marietta moment?

I'd say the summer trip to the Mediterranean with the McDonough Leadership program. We spent three weeks visiting Italy, Egypt, and Greece. It was a lot of fun, but it also opened my eyes to the different cultures that exist in this world. It was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I'll never forget.

Describe what life was like during your time at Marietta College.

I was a commuter student, so I lived at home instead of on campus. I was perfectly fine with it since I had the best of both worlds. I had the same experiences and opportunities all other students had while being able to see my family every day. Most of my time was spent studying in Selby, rehearsing with ensembles, or attending club meetings. I was always busy doing something on campus, but it was definitely worth it.

What impact did Marietta College have on your career?

Marietta College helped me prepare for my career in several ways. First, double majoring in both computer science and math helped substantially prepare me for grad school. Since my area of emphasis was in algorithmic graph theory, both majors complemented each other very well. Second, as a professor, the inspiration for my teaching style came from some of the professors I had at Marietta College. Not only were they exceptional at teaching, but they also cared very much for their students, which made a significant difference in the success of the students.

What does it mean to be a Pioneer?

Being a Pioneer means several things. First, it means taking the initiative. The world is full of problems, and it's up to us to step forward, provide solutions, and make a difference. Second, it means being passionate at what you do. When I was a student, I saw so many students become actively involved in what mattered to them the most. Having such passion is the spirit of Marietta College. Finally, it means having pride in your alma mater. During our lives, we will be given many opportunities and experiences. However, we cannot forget where it all started: at Marietta College.