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Dr. William Bauer

Dr. William Bauer

McCoy Associate Professor of Education

Dept: Education




Office: ERWN 302

Degrees: Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Services (Ohio State), 2003; Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling (Ohio State), 2002; Master's in Special Education Administration (Ohio University), 1986; Bachelor's in Education (Ohio University), 1984

Year appointed: 2002

Dr. Bauer is a certified rehabilitation counselor for a private practice and at Marietta Memorial Hospital. He was a former elementary school teacher and principal. He teaches courses on Exceptional Children, Educational Psychology, Behavior Management, Sign Language, and Research Design.

He also is the Director of the Master of Arts in Education Program. He currently directs the Post-Baccalaureate licensure program in Mild/Moderate Special Education.

He was a Senate-appointed commissioner for Ohio Legal Rights (2004-07). He was appointed as chair of the Ohio Governor's Council on People with Disabilities by both Gov. George Voinovich and Gov. Bob Taft. He was appointed as a Commissioner for the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission by Gov. Ted Strickland.

He continues to lecture across the country on disability and rural culture issues. Dr. Bauer became a tenured faculty member in the fall of 2007.

Notably, Bauer is a founding member of Disability Rights of Ohio, which provides protection and advocacy for people with disabilities. In 2012, he was also selected by the United States Department of Education to serve as member of the Primary Study Group of the 38th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues, Serving Traditionally Underserved Populations. During the summer and fall of 2011, Dr. Bauer did post-doctoral research at The Ohio State University Medical Center focusing on transition options for students with intellectual disabilities.

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