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Rinda Gould

Rinda Gould

Counselor and Substance Abuse Coordinator

Dept: Dr. J. Michael Harding Center For Health & Wellness (CHW)



Office: Harrison Hall 155N

Year appointed: 2013

Degrees: Masters of Education in Clinical Counseling (Ohio University), Bachelors of Science in Addictions (University of Cincinnati).

Rinda's areas of competence and services provided: Career counseling, adult, child and adolescent counseling, personal and social counseling, educational counseling, family counseling, performance enhancement counseling, mental health counseling, chemical dependency counseling, addictions counseling, consultation, supervision, administration, and diagnose and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

May provide training supervision to individuals seeking licensure as Ohio Chemical Dependency professional counseling and Professional Counseling.

Rinda has over 20 years of experience in mental health and addictions counseling in community counseling and changing offender behavior in the criminal justice field.

She was a co-presenter at The 2010 American Counseling Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. Personality traits & trends in individuals who have been in cult relationships: Implicati(2010). Personality traits & trends in individuals who have been in cult relationships: Implications for mental health professionals.

Rinda also was presented with the Edward L. Nugent Scholarship from Ohio University for her work in Substance Abuse Treatment.

She enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. She recently completed training with her dog, Buddy, to be a certificated Therapy Dog.