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Alexandra Perry

Alexandra Perry

Assistant Professor

Dept: McDonough Leadership Program



Office: McDonough 106

Degrees:Ed.D. in Pedagogy and Philosophy, Montclair State (2012); Master of Education, Montclair State (2008); Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Cognitive Science, William Paterson University (2006)

Year appointed: 2013

Dr. Perry’s research centers on how the decisions of political leaders during the World War II era conflict between Japan and the United States are understood in ethical terms through the writing of history.

She also writes on the ethics of disability and the neurodiversity movement. She is the managing editor of Theoretical & Applied Ethics, a peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Nebraska Press, and also a co-editor of a book series, Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics. She recently published an article on ethics and autism in the journal Bioethics, and completed a book chapter on the controversy surrounding the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s commemorative exhibit of the atomic bombings of Japan, which will be published in a book on space, politics, and epistemology.

Currently, she is completing two books, one, titled Neuropluralism, which focuses on ethics and social movements surrounding psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, and a second, titled Paper Cranes and Mushroom Clouds, on the way that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and U.S. political leadership during World War II are presented in ethical terms in post-war historical accounts.