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Kemery Sigmund

Kemery J. Sigmund

Head Athletic Trainer, Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine

Dept: Sports Medicine




Office: DBRC 14

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Athletic Training (Hope College, 2004); Master of Science in Kinesiology (Illinois State University, 2008)

Expertise: Biomechanics, Research and Design for Sports Medicine, Upper Extremity Assessment, Head & Spine Assessment

Year appointed: 2008

Kemery was hired in 2008 and was appointed to Head Athletic Trainer in 2009, and currently works with the Marietta College Football and Softball programs in addition to her teaching responsibilities. She teaches Research & Design I, II, & III providing juniors and seniors with their capstone experience, as well as Therapeutic Rehabilitation. Assessment of the Head & Spine, Personal Health, and Practical Biomechanics are also courses taught by Sigmund.