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Andrew Wehrman

Andrew Wehrman

Assistant Professor

Dept: History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion



Office: Thomas, 3rd floor

Degrees: PhD in Colonial American History (Northwestern University), 2011; Master of Arts in History (Northwestern University), 2005; Master of Arts in Teaching (University of Arkansas), 2004; Bachelor of Arts in History (University of Arkansas), 2003

Year appointed: 2011

Dr. Wehrman teaches courses in early American history including Colonial America, Atlantic History, and the American Revolution as well as the history of medicine and disease. His current book project The Contagion of Liberty: Medicine, Class, and Popular Politics in the American Revolution argues that constant fears of smallpox epidemics and contrasting ideas about medicine and public health helped shape the political thoughts and actions of ordinary Americans during the American Revolution. An article taken from one chapter of the project entitled "The Siege of Castle Pox: Marblehead, Massachusetts' Medical Revolution, 1764-1777" won the 2008 Walter Muir Whitehill Award in Early American History and was the lead article in the September 2009 issue of the New England Quarterly . He has also published in the Boston Globe and has appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation.