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Brent Yorgason

Brent Yorgason

Associate Professor of Music

Dept: Music




Office: Hermann Fine Arts 206

Degrees: Ph.D. in Music Theory (Indiana), 2009

Year appointed: 2007

Dr. Yorgason teaches music theory, aural skills, orchestration, composition, jazz history, world music, and music history at Marietta College. He has previously taught music theory and aural skills at Indiana University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is the recipient of an Innovative Teaching Award and an Academic Excellence in Teaching Award.

His dissertation was entitled "Dispersal, Downbeat Space, and Metric Drift: Aspects of Expressive Timing and Meter," an exploration of the effects of asynchrony in piano performance on metric perception. He has presented his research at the annual conferences of the Society for Music Theory, Music Theory Midwest, Indiana University Graduate Music Symposium, the Texas Society for Music Theory, the Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory, and the West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis. In addition to studies of meter and performance, his research interests include such diverse topics as Schenkerian analysis, machine metaphors in music, minimalism and postminimalism, music technology, music theory pedagogy, and hymnology.

Dr. Yorgason is the managing editor of Music Theory Online, serves as chair of the Technology Committee for Music Theory Midwest, and serves on the networking committee for the Society for Music Theory. He has also worked extensively as a computer programmer, developing music pedagogical software such as Variations Audio Timeliner, ETDrill, Music Fundamentals Online, and various analytical tools for the Variations2 digital music library project at Indiana University.