Yadira Albornoz

Assistant Professor
Director of Music Therapy
Doctorate in Music Therapy, Temple University; Master of Music Therapy, Temple University; Bachelor of Music, Temple University; Technicature in Occupational Therapy, Colegio Universitario de Rehabilitación-Caracas
Year Appointed
  • 194 Introduction to Music Therapy
  • Music from Within
  • Latin American Caribbean Music


Yadira Albornoz is a clarinetist, composer and singer who has practiced music therapy for more than 27 years within the medical, psychotherapeutic and social areas, with experience in pregnancy, early intervention, neuro-rehabilitation, palliative care and cancer, mental health, forensic, sexual dysfunctions, comorbid substance abuse and social context (community, institutional).

She has contributed with a model called Artistic Music Therapy, which highlights the artistic aspect of the field and its capacity to help clients appreciate and relate to their lives through multi-expressive art-making. She created the first music therapy graduate program in Venezuela in 2010. She remains an active composer and performer.