First Year Seminar (FYS 199)
The Marietta College First Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to the habits of mind and ways of knowing that are central to a liberal education, a Marietta College degree, and life-long learning. The first six weeks of the FYS introduces students to three ways of knowing the world: the social sciences; the humanities and fine arts; and the natural sciences. In the final ten weeks, students will apply what they’ve learned to a course theme or topic. The First Year Seminar aims to help students:

Understand the different ways of knowing and habits of mind that are central to intregrative learning

  • Understand the relationship between a liberal education, social diversity, and ethical and responsible citizenship
  • Demonstrate their ability to read critically and identify main ideas and arguments
  • Pose appropriate questions that will help them and others develop deeper understanding of course content
  • Demonstrate their ability to engage in respectful, thoughtful academic-level discussions

Credit: 3 hours

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Pio Pathways (FYS 194)
This one credit compliment to your First Year Seminar course, connects you with resources across campus. From learning how to study effectively, exploring ways to get involved in the Marietta College Campus and Community, and building meaningful relationships with those from different backgrounds and belief systems, the PioPathways introduces students to the social and academic skills they need for a successful college career.

Credit: 1 hour