WITS Supporters
 Who Contributes to WITS Funding?
WITS has pursued funding from public and private sources to supplement the modest tuition charges. Two grants, one from the Ohio Board of Regents and the other from the M.H. Jennings Foundation provided
initial start up funds. WITS has been the recipient of an award from the Ameritech Partnership Program. In 1991, WITS won the Merck Foundation Centennial Award and a $100,000 endowment from Consolidated Natural Gas Foundation. The Ohio Environmental Education Fund and the United States EPA provided substantial finding for
1992-1993 activities. Afterschool and summer, for 1993-1994 and 1994-1995, were funded by a grant from the Eisenhower Math and Science Program. Currently area industries, such as the Shell Chemical Company
Foundation and most recently, Kraton Polymers have donated funds for student scholarships.