Woman in the Sciences

WITS 2014 is scheduled for June 22 - 28, 2014.

WITS is a one week residential summer science camp with a commuter option for girls between the 6th and 9th grades. It is held on campus at Marietta College. During the camp, girls experience hands-on science in the areas of biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, and technology. The girls are divided into two age groups for class. Each day the girls experience a different science with a related hands-on activity, plus math and technology. In the evenings we have recreational activities such as swimming, miniature golf, a ride on a sternwheeler, a talent show, and a career speaker.

The mission of the Marietta College Women in the Sciences Program,
an innovative leader in middle school science education, is to foster an increased interest among middle school students, particularly females, in the study of science and the pursuit of scientific careers by providing unique opportunities for middle school students and teachers to work collaboratively with college science faculty and practicing scientists and engineers.
WITS was started in 1988 to address a national problem
of a disproportionately small number of females enrolling in upper level math and science courses. Some factors that lead to these inequities are, cultural gender biases in the classroom, a failure to encourage an interest in sciences at an early age, and a scarcity of female role models. Also, a nation wide study, Why Schools Shortchange Girls (AAUW, 1992) , suggests that teachers favor boys over girls in classroom interactions leading to lower self esteem and academic confidence in girls, and fewer girls in academically challenging subjects such as math and science. It is hoped that by training teachers in gender awareness in the classroom, in methods of motivating female students in math and science, and by augmenting their knowledge in various scientific disciplines, that more women will choose to enter careers in science.
Dr. Cathy Mowrer, WITS Director
Education Department
Marietta College
Work Phone: (740) 376-4796