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Salaries for Economics Majors

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"I really did not know what I could do with an Economics degree.  Now that I am in the 'professional' world, the question is "What CAN'T I do?"
                                          Derek Stek, '96.



Is economics a marketable degree? The table below lists recent average salary offers by major. Need we say more?

Major Average Salary Offer
Spring 2006
Petroleum Engineering $68,825
Computer Science 50,892
Accounting 46,188
Economics/Finance 45,058
Mathematics 41,124
Management 40,976
Environmental Science 39,750
Chemistry 38,646
Marketing 37,446
Human Resources 36,256
History 33,752
Political Science 33,151
Public Relations 32,623
English 31,204
Psychology 30,308

Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers


If you decide to go to graduate school in economics, PhDs in economics can expect to earn the following:

Median starting salaries in 2002:
University Professor
International Organizations

Source: The Market for New Ph.D. Economists in 2002, available at