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What is Summer Reading Camp?

Summer Reading Camp is a practicum experience that allows Marietta College education majors to work with children from schools in Washington and Wood counties in an intensive four week summer program to diagnose and address reading difficulties and provide literacy enrichment activities. This practicum experience fulfills requirements for Education 410/663,
the culminating course for students seeking a reading endorsement to their Ohio
teaching license.

Marietta College students work as teachers in teams with small groups of elementary school children in an atmosphere which emphasizes a wholistic view of the reading process.

Summer Reading Camp Components

  1. Reading Camp Teachers utilize the following components to address literacy needs of
    their students.
  2. Multiple forms of assessment including both formal and informal measures
    to guide daily instruction
  3. Quality children's literature as a tool to motivate students and address critical decoding and comprehension skills
  4. Integrated language activities based on the Four Blocks literacy model, designed to help students make logical connections between written and spoken language
  5. Community resources that provide opportunities for the authentic use of reading and writing
  6. Technology as a tool for motivating and enhancing students' written communication skills

Rotary Club Partnership

Since 1997, the Marietta Morning Rotary Club has made the Summer Reading Camp one of its major community projects. The club conducts fundraising activities to provide scholarships for Reading Camp tuition for economically disadvantaged children who have been recommended by their schools. Rotarians contribute their time and talents as guest readers with groups of reading camp children. This activity exposes children to fluent adult readers from throughout the Marietta community. Members also visit the Reading Camp to share their hobbies and interests, providing children with valuable background knowledge for literacy experiences.