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Accounting and Public Accounting Capstone Showcase

The Spring 2013 Accounting and Public Accounting capstone projects presented at All Scholars Day, April 17, 2013:

R. Treadway Forensic Accounting: Challenges for the Future {short description of image}
K. Kapple Earnings Management
J. Dye A Matter of Size: Determining the Use of the Successful Efforts Method v. the Full Cost Method
K. C. He How the Non-GAAP Earnings Present the Company's Performance

A. Ware Fraud Prevention Through Internal Controls {short description of image}
A. Z. Wang Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities
K. Wallace Changes in Production Benchmarking - A Look at the Automotive Industry
L. Williams Unusual and Extraordinary Items

T. Ullman Study of Defined Pensions Plans for Six Companies {short description of image}
K. Huck PP&E and Related Material in the Oil and Gas Industry
D. Spurgeon Environmental Contingencies
P. Gerst Industrial Depreciation Methods

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