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Accounting and Public Accounting Capstone Showcase

Accounting and Public Accounting capstone projects presented at All Scholars Day, April 16, 2014

G. Bloomfield

The Unfamiliar  Glass Ceiling: The  Correlation Between Women and Fraud in Corporate America

J. Cao

The Value and Necessity of Environmental Disclosure in Financial Reports

T. Daub

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

M. Dimmerling

Control Environment in Small Business vs. Large Corporations

K. Farley

Internal Control Weakness in Small Business

K. Gordon

Royalty Payments to Artists in the Music Industry

S. Lizon

Conflict Minerals

R. Hartong

Fraud in Not-­for-­Profit Organizations

M. Napier

Different Financial Reporting Methods Used Regarding Losses Incurred  as  

a  Result of the Financial Crisis of 2008


Sustainability Reporting In Agribusiness

Y. Shi

Internal Control Challenges Related to Cloud Computing

K. McKitrick

Debt Structuring of Six Companies in Two Industries



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